onsdag 16 juni 2010

Deep Throat, not just a movie

Saturday February 23 was the day, Deep Troat was again seen on a screen, this time in the cinema but on modern LCD / Plasma / CRT, for everyone who wants to see and hear. It is of course via the Internet long to download. A funny comedy also think BNN, with some sex for lovers of porn is a breakthrough on Dutch television.

The two of you are stronger
Sophie and Filemon Wesselink Hilbrands were the presenters of the evening program in the S & S, prior to a special on a classic in the porn world, far removed, by people who certainly did not agree that this would be broadcast by the VPRO around the clock to 0:30.

It should .... not!
It may not be true! "I'll figure out if the broadcast may be prohibited" were the words of Andre Rouvoet of the Christian Union, which is not entirely agree. BNN director Maarten van Dijk is it could, and found that the youth is important that they own opinion about a classic like Deep Throat.

Director Pieter Kuijpers, writer / columnist Joost Zwagerman, Kim Holland (porn actress), Ingo Schiwech, porn and the subject are very connected. During the preliminary discussion about Deep Troat was recently told that a comic story about a woman (Linda Lovelace) with a problem that sexual satisfaction is not a normal way was, but discovered that her clitoris back of her throat, with effects very ridiculous.

The film Deep Throat
Is Gerard Damiano

With among others:
Linda Lovelace.
Linda Lovelace
Linda Lovelace
Born: 10 January 1949, Bronx, New York, USA
Op22 died April 2002, Denver, Colorado, USA

Sharp as a dolly .... Helen.

Bill Harrison as .... Mr. Maltz.
Born 26 October 1947, California
Died 18 October 1991, Venice, California, USA

Harry Reems as .... Dr. Young.
Born 27 August 1947, Bronx, New York, USA
Harry Reems
Harry Reems

William Love as .... Wilbur Wang.

Carol Connors ... The Nurse.
Born 13 November 1952

Bob Phillips .... Mr. Fenster.
Ted Street as .... Delivery boy.
Jack Birch as .... (Michael Powers).
Gerard Damiano
Born 4 August 1928, USA.

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